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Shining jewel inlay

Koun Kiyomitsu has been working on precious stone paintings since 1960, gradually shifting his mind to granular research, and wanting to make full use of the glittering brilliance and abundance of jewels in his life. I arrived. Koun sought the natural brilliance of gemstones in his production mind, and pursued every day to approach this through his mental skills. We processed a special base plate, established a method for producing granule-encapsulated resin, submitted it to the Japan Patent Office in 1974, and registered it for permission (Patent No. 859922).

Award history / career

Born in 2002 in Kozan Town, Sera District, Hiroshima Prefecture
1974 Registered for approval with the Japan Patent Office No. 859922
1999 International Arts and Culture Award
2000 International Grand Prix Certificate Award
2000 Russian Government Special Achievement Award
2000 The 32nd New House Exhibition "President of the House of Councilors Award" Awarded by President of the House of Councilors Yutaka Inoue
2000 Awarded the doctoral degree of art from the International Academy of Education
2001 Awarded the Order of the Brazilian Commandol (only three people in Japan)
2001 The 33rd Shinin Exhibition "Liberal Democratic Party President's Award" Awarded Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
2002 French Government Special Achievement Award
2002 Governor of Tokyo Award for the 34th Shinin Exhibition "Governor of Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara"
2003 35th New House Exhibition "Chairman of the House of Representatives Award" Awarded by Chairman of the House of Representatives Yohei Kono
2005 37th Shinin Exhibition "Chairman's Award" Awarded New Japan Art Institute Chairman Ishii Takarayama
2005 Became a permanent member of the New Japan Art Institute
2006 International Association Educators World peace awarded a letter of appreciation
2006 World Peace Martial-Arts Ambassador Association awarded a letter of appreciation
2007 "Fushimi Cultural Honor Award" Hiroaki Fushimi (former imperial family)
2007 President of the United States "Gold Award" George W. Bush
2008 Global Cultural Prize from the British Academy
2008 40th Anniversary Shinin Exhibition 1st Prize Writer Award
2009 World Hall of Fame Treasure Asahi Award
2009 41st Shinin Exhibition "Honorary Governor's Award" Award

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