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In August 1964, we started with a small mold maker.

Seriously, steadily, it doesn't stand out, but I have put the craftsmanship into doing smart work as a professional.

The business environment has changed drastically due to innovations in AI technology and robot technology. As we accumulated the wisdom of living in that era, we also sought changes in consciousness and business conditions.

However, from the time of its founding, the commitment to "smart work of craftsmanship" continues to this day.

The smart work of the craftsmanship is to practice "do not cut corners", "be beautiful", and "give pleasure". We believe that we can be very happy with each other by adding the result and a little + α pleasure to the requested work.

We will live with you in these four businesses: energy solution business, e-commerce business, human resource business, and discovery and sale of arts and crafts.

Representative Director and President

Hiroyuki Ozawa

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