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We provide integrated services from energy optimization of factory equipment and construction to maintenance of photovoltaic power generation systems. Professional construction, which is particular about the construction of a single screw, enhances the continuity of the equipment and produces electricity with the best performance. By firmly sharing the purpose of solar power with the owner, we promise various solutions such as CO2 reduction, asset management, and tax saving measures.

We think about how we will work in the future and aim to create valuable jobs so that we can live happily as people . We co-create relationships between companies and people from obligatory work to creative or positive work styles.

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We are communicating the wonderfulness of vintage cameras, which are a mechanical engineering heritage of Japan, to people all over the world. Speaking of cameras, the imported Leica Hasselblad is famous, but there are a lot of Japanese vintage camera fans such as Nikon and Canon. We handle a wide range of models, from medium format professional cameras such as Bakepen, Bronica S2, and Mamiya RB, to Nikon F series, Canon SLR, and now rare best-format SLR cameras.

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The traditional Japanese colors that have been around since ancient times, the contrast is deep, and the beautiful curves and glossy expressions are very wonderful. The beautiful Japanese color that Koun sought is expressed by a bold yet very delicate original technique of jewel inlay.

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